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John Paul College Website

Developing the John Paul College website

  • Client: John Paul College
  • Date: June 2014 to January 2015
  • Languages: JavaScript, Sass, HTML, PHP
  • Frameworks: SilverStripe CMS

A website I built for John Paul College, Rotorua.

It’s powered by the SilverStripe CMS and written in PHP, JavaScript, and Sass.

Features include:

  • a dynamically updating event calendar, with the data being pulled from their KAMAR portal.
  • several custom landing pages for international students.
  • search, photo gallery, image sliders, etc.

Term Kitchen

A terminal colourscheme editor

  • Languages: JavaScript (with JSX), Sass, HTML
  • Libraries: React, Bluebird, Reflux

Before Term Kitchen there was a severe lack of terminal colour scheme editors available. People would need to spend hours copy/pasting hex codes into their text editor. Finding new schemes required editing of term configs before you could see how the scheme looked. Themes were shared using the terminal specific configuration which was time consuming to get working in another terminal emulator.

Term Kitchen solves all these problems and more.

Nitro Tasks

Task management web app with realtime syncing using websockets.

  • Date: January 2012 to March 2014
  • Languages: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Sass, HTML


An award-winning RSS reader for Ubuntu.

  • Client: Ubuntu App Showdown
  • Date: June 2012
  • Languages: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python
  • Libraries: Google Reader API

Jill Fleming Website

A miminal portfolio website

  • Client: Jill Fleming
  • Date: August 2014
  • Languages: JavaScript, Sass, HTML
  • Frameworks: Hugo

Pantry d'Or

Designing branding for a business

  • Client: Pantry d’Or
  • Date: May 2014
  • Languages: JavaScript, Sass, PHP, HTML
  • Frameworks: Silverstripe CMS


A lightweight content editor built for the Hugo static website generator.

  • Languages: Go, JavaScript, Sass, HTML
  • Libraries: Hugo, React, Marked, CodeMirror, Fluxxor, Immutable

A web server written in Go with a web interface.

A static file CMS for the Hugo static website engine.

Features include:

  • Create new markdown files and directories
  • Easily edit content frontmatter
  • Upload images and automatically generate thumbnails
  • Rebuild site using Hugo with a single click


Invoice creator and management tool.

  • Client: Total Carpet Services
  • Languages: JavaScript, Sass, HTML, SQL
  • Libraries: Express, Bookshelf, React, Backbone
  • Frameworks: Node.JS

Includes a server component.

React ColorPicker

A colourpicker module for React.

  • Languages: JavaScript (with JSX), Sass, HTML
  • Libraries: React, Colr

All graphics are created using CSS.

Can specify color in Hex, RGB or HSB.

Has sliders for Hue, Saturation and Brightness.


Perfectly convert ANSI escape codes into HTML.

  • Languages: JavaScript
  • Libraries: Through
  • Frameworks: Node.js

Built for use in Term Kitchen so user could get a better idea of how their terminal colour scheme is going to look, as well as being able to check which colour they need to edit.

Includes a command line interface.


Convert terminal colourschemes

  • Languages: JavaScript
  • Frameworks: Node.js

Convert terminal colour schemes between many different terminal emulators, including iTerm2, URxvt and termite.

Import and export between multiple terminal colour scheme formats.


Bluetooth Car Keys with iOS app.

  • Languages: Go, Objective-C

Unlock your car just by approaching it! Uses Bluetooth LE on your iPhone to automatically detect when you are in close proximity to your car.

  • Uses Objective-C on iOS and Go on a Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Detects when your car is running, and stops ‘ranging’ to save battery life on your phone.
  • iOS app uses Apple iBeacons to make sure the app is always running in the background when you approach your car, without you having to manually open it.
  • Uses HMAC-SHA256 authentication for security.