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Introducing Springseed

Posted on by Jono Cooper

Springseed is an awesome way to take notes. It helps you organise notes with a beautiful interface and syncs with Dropbox so you can keep your notes with you, wherever you are. It’s been in the works since January and we’re releasing today, exclusively for Ubuntu. Springseed is free and open source software and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we did creating it. Donations are also appreciated in order to support the development.

Springseed Screenshot

We’ve got a lot in store for Springseed in the near future, including Mac & Windows releases. We’ll be adding customisation options, more sync services and more organisation options. Showing your appreciation for Springseed by spreading the word will support the development and you’ll get new features, faster.

Springseed is available for Ubuntu, free of charge at Give it a spin today.