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Stormcloud 1.2 Released

Posted on by Jono Cooper

Stormcloud has finally made it into the Ubuntu Software Center (seriously, it was finished like 3 weeks ago). While it’s still open source, pre-built packages are available exclusively through the Ubuntu Software Center. It’s $2.99 and totally worth it.

What’s new?

Everything. Stormcloud underwent a rewrite. It looks and feels pretty similar but it now has support for multiple locations, chameleonic backgrounds (unity only), credits, touch screen support and many more animations.

On the technical side of things, Stormcloud now uses node-webkit rather than GTKWebkit. This is so there are hardware accelerated animations and the smoothest experience possible. The only downside is that it adds a lot to the download size.

Why is it $2.99?

Stormcloud 1.1 was free. If you want Stormcloud 1.2 for free, you can download it off Github. I’m charging a small fee because I not only want to test how well the Software Center monetizes but earning some money will encourage me to make Stormcloud even more excellent.

You can get Stormcloud from the Ubuntu Software Center.